This is the personal website for Jesse Victors. If you're looking to learn more about me then you've come to the right place. I've been holding a web presence here since around 2007.

I grew up in a rural log house in Alaska. I continue to be drawn by trees, mountains, and water. It's a rare and beautiful experience to live in a rural location next to water and within view of a mountain, but it's difficult to find a job in such a spot. I move to wherever I need to be, but I get back to Alaska whenever I can.

I find myself also drawn to computers and electronics. The engineering and modification aspects fascinate me. I like taking fundamental components and building something and I appreciate the elegance in a clever solution. Oddly, in software, the project is never complete. There is always a mistake. Every piece of software ships with bugs and issues that must be continuously identified and resolved. This is widely known, yet we use computers to protect secrets and valued information that could cause serious financial, personal, or social damage if exposed. As a result, there is great value in understanding how an application is supposed to work and then realizing how to trick it into doing something else, such as revealing secret information. This dichotomy fascinates me and inspired me to enter computer security.

Link to my resume.

I believe in open-source software, the right to repair, freedom of information, and principles of hacker ethic. I'm often engaged with personal projects in either both software or hardware. However, my other hobbies include archery, remote-control airplanes, and nature photography.