Some say that he invented the curtain, and that his voice can only be heard by cats.
All we know is, he's not the Stig, he's the Stig's Alaskan cousin!

Welcome to my website! Here you can view a bit about my background, check out what I know, and follow my blog for the latest news. I'm a graduate student working in computer and network security at Utah State University, I have a Bachelor's in computer science, and I'm a Linux user. If you're an employer and looking to hire me, you can find my latest resume here.

While I have owned this website for close to a decade, over the last several years I have worked on expanding my presence online. A bit of Google-fu or clever searches on DuckDuckGo can find most of this, but for convenience I'll list my main web presence here:

jvictors at jessevictors dot com
My main account. Send me a note! I digitally sign all my outgoing emails with my 2048-bit RSA key, 0xc20bec80.
Github - Jesse-V I currently have more than 1000 commits, 32 repositories, and 11 followers to my name. Some of my repositories are private, as I have a premium account.
Tor - relays/exits I administer six high-speed Tor relays -- two of which are exits -- on my own servers. Tor helps protect millions of people from traffic analysis, surveillance, and government spying everyday, and I'm proud to do my part.
Launchpad - ~jvictors I package a few Linux programs, mainly from my Github projects. I support Debian through .deb files, and *buntu/Mint through a PPA.
Websites - this site and I have authored several websites besides this one. The most notable of which is My father runs a large beekeeping operation in Alaska, and through this website users can purchase honeybees and beekeeping supplies and purchase them with a credit card. The website code is on Github.
Folding@home I wrote the majority of its Wikipedia article, which now a Featured Article. I also founded and led this team before I switched over to my most recent identity.
Folding Forum - Jesse_V I'm heavily involved on the official Folding@home support forum and I help the Stanford researchers with many aspects of the F@h project. and Mirrors My servers also host a server, a mirror of Linux Mint ISOs, and a mirror of
IRC I lurk and chat on several Freenode IRC channels, including #fah, #folding@home, and #curecoin. My username is @Jesse_V, and I'm opped on #fah and #curecoin. Log on and join me!

Reddit - /u/Jesse_V I love this site and I visit it frequently, athough lately I've been more active under my more anonymous account.
Wikipedia - User:Jesse_V I've been on the site since 2010, I'm an Online Ambassador, and I've made over 43,000 contributions to Wikipedia. I rewrote the entire Folding@home article from scratch and brought it up to Featured Article status, and I approved Minecraft as a Good Article.
YouTube - JesseVictors I mostly subscribe to channels and watch gaming videos, but I have put out some timelapses. If you're interested, check out my channel!
Twitter - @Jesse_Victors I'm not very active here, but you can still follow me if you like.

TipChange - Tipster Jesse-V Impress me on Github, Reddit, or Twitter and I might end up tipping you some coins!

Interested in improving your online security? I recommend installing Adblock and HTTPS Everywhere into your browser. If you want to go further, try NoScript, DuckDuckGo for Chrome, and the LastPass password manager.

XKCD, real programmers.