This is the homepage for Jesse Victors. Welcome to my website! Here you can learn a bit about my background, browse my past projects and publications, generally learn a bit more about me, or simply get my contact information. I've been holding a web presence here for close to a decade now, and I really enjoy having an email address at my own domain!

I'm a computer scientist and white hat; that is to say, I'm skilled in computer security and I have a background in programming. I am extremely interested in discovering vulnerabilities in existing software, constructing security-oriented systems, and applying modern cryptography to protect information as it travels across the Internet. I am also capable of developing software in C++, Bash, PHP, Javascript, or Python, and I can read a variety of other programming languages. Finally, I'm familiar with advanced algorithms, distributed systems, single-board computers, and basic computer networks. You can find my latest resume here.

Some more interesting tidbits about me include:

I'm frequently online and actively participate in many communities. I maintain a strong programming presence on Github (Jesse-V) and Launchpad (~jvictors).